photo by Adam Wallacavage

photo by Adam Wallacavage




Portland-based but California bred artist Souther Salazar's installations transport the viewer into a vibrant and endless world of overlapping drawn, painted, sculpted and animated narratives and dreamscapes -- half-remembered, half-imagined places where stories can develop and take on a life of their own. Utilizing a variety of mixed media, found objects and layers of assemblage, his work evokes the wonders and imagination that many of us abandoned in childhood. 

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Curriculum Vitae

2003 BFA with Distinction: Art Center College of Design. Pasadena, CA

2015 Regional Arts & Culture Council Mural Grant, Portland, OR 

2015 Attic Transmissions. Narwhal Projects, Toronto, ON Canada
2013 Souvenirs. Jonathan Levine Gallery. New York, NY
2012 You and Me (and the Mouse in the Moon). Narwhal Projects. Toronto, ON Canada
2011 You Come Too. Jonathan Levine Gallery. New York, NY
2009 Last Year’s Man. Jonathan Levine Gallery. New York, NY
2007 Make it Real. GR2. Los Angeles, CA
2007 Space Cadets. Jonathan Levine Gallery. New York, NY
2006 We Were Young and It was Summer. GRNY. New York, NY
2004 The Neighborhood. GR2. Los Angeles, CA
2003  Glide, Skid, Collide. GR2. Los Angeles, CA

2014 Today is the Day. David B. Smith Gallery. Denver, CO
2014 The Universe is in UsHellion Gallery. Portland, OR
2012 The Trading Tortoise: a traveling community art project centered around objects and their stories. 33 cities throughout the USA and Canada
2011 Sherman. Jonathan Levine Gallery. New York, NY
2010 Alejandro & the Idea Machine. Fumetto Internationales Comix-Festival. Lucerne, Switzerland

2016 Folk Like Us, Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York, NY
2015 Fresh Brew, Stephanie Chefas Projects, Portland, OR
2015 Milk & Honey, Slow Culture Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2015 The Power of 3, Flower Pepper Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2014 Platinum Blend, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2014 BLAB, Copro Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2014 Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty, Japanese American National Museum, Los Angeles, CA
2014 Reverse Engineered. Hellion Gallery. Portland, OR
2013 AAIEEE! John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Sheboygan, WI
2012 Art 43 Basel. Jonathan Levine Gallery. Basel, Switzerland
2012 Juxtapoz turns 18. Copro Gallery. Culver City, CA
2010 Scion Installation 7 - Video. Los Angeles, CA
2010 Pattern Recognition. Subliminal Projects. Los Angeles, CA
2010 Five Year Anniversary exhibition. Jonathan Levine Gallery. New York, NY
2010 Schöne neue Welt. Fumetto Internationales Comix-Festival. Lucerne, Switzerland
2009 Giant Robot Biennale 2. Japanese American National Museum. Los Angeles, CA
2009 Scion Installation 5 - Self Portraits. Los Angeles, CA
2009 Strips, Scripts and Scapes: Contemporary Comix in Southern California.
          Riverside Art Museum. Riverside, CA
2008 Cinders booth at Aqua Contemporary Art Fair. Aqua Hotel. Miami, FL
2008 Made in America. Choque Cultural Gallery. Sao Paulo, Brazil
2007 Giant Robot Biennale: 50 Issues. Japanese American National Museum. Los Angeles, CA
2005 Flood the Gutters. New Image Art. Los Angeles, CA
2005 I’m Glad We Met. GRSF. San Francisco, CA
2004 Horses and Babies for Sale. Fifty24SF with New Image Art. San Francisco, CA
2004 Five Ways to See. Minna Gallery. San Francisco, CA
2004 Nook and Cranny. New Image Art. Los Angeles, CA
2004 Giant Robot: 10 Year Anniversary. GR2. Los Angeles, CA
2004 Marginalia. The Smell. Los Angeles, CA
2004 The Skull Show. HaNNa Gallery. Tokyo, Japan
2004 Plushtastrophe: The Art of Plush. (traveling) Portland, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco
2004 The Stray Show. Fair: New Image Art. Chicago, IL
2003 Lead Poisoning. New Image Art. Los Angeles, CA
2003 Puddle Jumpers. New Image Art. Los Angeles, CA
2003 Robots Have Feelings Too. Culture Cache. San Francisco, CA
2002 Making. Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Mary Boone Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. 

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